Maralma - An oasis of tranquility
17/November/2023 - Domus Vallarta

Maralma - An oasis of tranquility

The Charm of Bucerias

Maralma is much more than a coastal residence; represents an oasis of tranquility and adventure in the beautiful Golden Zone of Bucerias, a jewel in the Bay of Banderas that fuses the excitement of living by the sea with the comfort of home. This new community stands majestically on the coast, offering stunning views of the bay, mountains and city to its residents. Its two condominium towers are a testament to luxury and comfort, designed to fill each day with the experiences that only the sea can offer.

Living in Maralma is experiencing the charm of Bucerías. This coastal city in the Riviera Nayarit is known for its unique mix of excitement and tranquility. Here, residents have the option of immersing themselves in constant discovery, exploring the local culture and cuisine of Bucerias, or enjoying the comfort and serenity of their home in Maralma.


Strategic location

One of the most notable advantages of Maralma is its strategic location in the Golden Zone of Bucerias. Residents enjoy the best access to the beach, where they can stroll along the golden sand or swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific. In addition, Maralma offers unique panoramic views that allow you to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds Banderas Bay.

Maralma is not only a place to live, but also a smart investment opportunity. The demand for beachfront properties in this region is constantly growing, making Maralma a solid and promising investment.

In this amazing development, comfort and luxury combine perfectly. The elegant lobby design is welcoming, while the fitness center allows residents to stay active and fit. Additionally, the business center offers flexibility to work from home.

Two Rooftops

One of the outstanding features of Maralma are its two rooftops, spaces designed to provide tranquility and connection with the environment. The social rooftop, located in the rear tower of the development, offers stunning views of the bay and a warm climate all year round. The rooftop of the front tower is designed as a peaceful and relaxed space.


In conclusion, Maralma represents much more than a house on the beach; It is a lifestyle that combines the excitement of the sea with the tranquility of home. With its prime location, luxury amenities and peaceful rooftop terrace at Indigo Tower, Maralma offers its residents a unique experience not found anywhere else. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this coastal adventure and discover the charm of Bucerías at its best in Maralma.

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